Agile Organization

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Chances and Risks

Under the headline Agile Organizations, it is discussed today how organizations can design and use new forms of cooperation. Above all, all the incredible opportunities and chances that can be associated with it are emphasized. However, it is often underestimated how difficult a successful transformation is and what fundamental cultural change will be necessary in many organizations to create a truly agile organization. At the same time, elements of agility can of course be used in any organization - and this quite useful.

Lean, Scrum, Kanban etc.

The idea of ​​agility came originally from the optimization of production processes and software development. But now it has become clear that many experiences from these areas can be used to achieve meaningful improvements in other areas as well. Above all, the fundamental cultural change plays a major role, since it is no longer the idea that the developments are directed from above. Instead, it creates a changed interplay between higher-level decision-makers and employees throughout the organization. Employees are also increasingly becoming decision-makers, because only then the required speed can be achieved. Of course, this not only places high demands on the management and the understanding of leadership in the entire organization, but also on all employees.

Project Examples

  • Introduction of an agile strategy process
  • Revision of business models using lean start-up approaches

What we do

We are skeptical that many organizations today have already reached a point of being able to or wanting to make the necessary changes in leadership culture in order to become a truly agile organization. Therefore, in our opinion, the agility-related keywords will appear in many organizations, but only in a small proportion of cases successful implementation will be achieved. In the field of Agile Organization, Dr. Claus Knoth Unternehmensberatung therefore supports you especially in the development or critical review of your strategic goals and the planning of a step-by-step approach, which basically corresponds to the basic understanding of agility. In addition, we help you analyze your leadership culture and the way you work together, and take concrete action on what changes are needed in these areas, so that your agility plans become truly worthwhile investments.

What we do specifically

  • Strategic analysis of the organization to agile approaches
  • Accompaniment in the introduction of agile approaches