Dr. Claus Knoth Unternehmensberatung supports you in the following areas

Strategy Process

For the long-term securing of the future, companies today must always find the right one, ie. introduce forward-looking measures. Rising complexity, intensified competition, more critical or better-informed customers and the higher speed of change require companies to build up the necessary future success potential in good time. If such measures are initiated too late, then the resource requirement increases on the one hand, on the other hand the probability of success decreases and the existence of the company can be jeopardized. There are many examples of companies that have gotten into trouble because they have relied on old success factors in a new world. In order to prevent this, a strategy process is necessary that regularly critically questions all assumptions about the rules of one's own market. We support companies to introduce company-specific strategy processes or to optimize the existing process and thereby uncover their own blind spots.

Implementing Strategies

Even the best strategy will only be able to develop the desired effect if it is known in the company and thus gives employees and managers orientation. Therefore, the implementation of a strategy begins with the development of the strategy through the integration of the right multipliers. However, further communication throughout the organization must be planned and implemented accordingly. As a rule, the implementation of the strategy also initiates profound change processes. These will cause less resistance if derived from convincing overall goals and properly communicated from the start. We help companies to not only formulate strategic goals, but also to achieve them.

Competence Development

For the successful implementation of the strategy, the necessary competencies must be present in the organization, or be developed in good time. The demand is derived from the current strategy as part of strategic competence planning. The changes in the labor market and demographic change make it necessary to build up the necessary skills at an early stage, as they will no longer necessarily be able to be procured from the labor market in the short term. On the basis of an established competence model, a target / actual comparison is made for the entire organization. The competency model should not be misunderstood as a pure human resources instrument, but as a true management tool used by all senior executives. In addition to strategic competence planning, individual development planning takes place on this basis. which competences the individual employee should develop. Internal competence development will be even more important in the future for one of the most important pillars of competence planning. It should be noted that competencies can not be built in seminars, but especially in everyday work. Seminars and coaching can be supportive, but they should always be associated with implementation projects to ensure a true capacity building. And these projects should ideally be part of the strategy implementation.