Über uns

Consulting Approach

Our clients face a variety of challenges, both strategic and operational. In addition, these problems are very closely related, i.e. have a high degree of networkedness. It has become clear in the last few years that, when trying to solve problems, concentration on individual topics is less and less successful. Therefore, we always have a holistic, systemic view of the organization, starting from the strategy (after reviewing the business mission), linking it to the various management tools that exist in the organization, and then optimizing the impact of day-to-day business. Many organizations already have useful tools, but either they are not yet implemented consistently enough (e.g. target-setting systems that are perceived as bureaucracy only and do not give orientation) or that are not yet closely related (e.g. a competency model only available from the Human Resources department, but not used by the executives).

We do not believe that a single organization in the sense of a traditional company can live up to the aspiration to be able to professionally connect all these different topics. Consultant networks, on the other hand, have a high degree of flexibility and diversity of perspectives and can therefore ensure a much higher degree of variability.

We operate in several, established networks of experienced consultants. In our network are only consultants with many years of consulting experience who have already cooperated in various projects. It ensures that you as a client meet a team that acts in your interest and professionally helps to maximize your customer value.

Added Value Through Integration

We believe that strategy must be the starting point of any successful organization. Especially in modern organizations, where classical top-down leadership is losing importance, employees need guidance in other ways.