Strategy Process

In the field of Strategy, Dr. Claus Knoth Unternehemensberatung supports you in all aspects of introducing, optimizing and implementing a strategy process.


Our Goals: Our customers...

  • have a strategy process that is tailored to the company and the corporate culture so that it really is lived.
  • develop a strategy that processes all the important internal and external information available and makes the company viable in the long term.
  • communicate the strategy to their managers and employees and strategy serves as a guide for everyone.

What we do

  • Design and implementation of customer-specific strategy processes
  • Moderation of strategy workshops
  • Carrying out analyzes in the strategy process
  • Development of a communication concept
  • Cascading of the strategic goals in the target agreement process

Project Examples


External monitoring of the introduction of a new strategy process for an international company that has previously worked without a structured process. Over a period of one year, the new process with the management was examined step by step and, if necessary, adjustments were made in the methods and in the sequence of work steps.


Conducting interviews for the preparation of strategy workshops at a medium-sized company and subsequent moderation of the workshops.


Preparation of a strategy manual after developing the new strategy of an insurance company. The leaders of the various levels were thus provided with an argument that allowed them not only to better understand the new strategy, but also to convincingly represent it to their employees.